March 1, 2012

Louis Vuitton flavored tea

When me, my countless suitcases and my Armani clutch finally arrived in Paris safe and sound, I could have never dreamt of a better welcoming! Of course, I didn’t have in mind a typical Romanian hospitable treat – like bread and salt -, but I didn’t expect an inviting Louis Vuitton tea either. Louis Vuitton tea?

And precisely tea it was. However, I had to be given the tea box so that doubting Thomas could believe her eyes.

This is how I learnt that Mariage Frères, the most exclusive tea brand in France, manufactured, especially for Louis Vuitton, a charming tea fragrance destined for his clients only. But the tea is not for sale. It can be found only in the LV stores and it is offered as a gift by the store staff.

Blending secret essences, Mariage Frères achieved to create a veritable edible perfume because the aroma released by the steamy liquor subtly makes one think of a French “eau de parfum”. At least this is the impression I’ve been left with by the floral bouquet which had the obstinacy to persist even after the last drop was gone.

The two brands are compatible and this is obvious. Both Louis Vuitton and Mariage Frères were founded in 1854 and both share the tradition and the know-how of manufacturing good taste products. Particularly in the proper meaning of the term, because it really is by far the best tea I have ever tasted.

The only thing I regret is that I cannot buy it separately. Paradoxically, although it is offered for free, the Mariage Frères tea for Louis Vuitton is at the same time the most expensive tea, if we consider that such a gift is actually an all-inclusive offer conditional upon the purchase of at least one bag paid on the spot.