October 23, 2013

Louis Vuitton and the art of packing for Fashion Weeks

Janina Nectara Louis Vuiiton 1

Barely returned from Milan Fashion Week, with pocketfuls of dreams come true and trolley loads of memories, what was I in almost desperate need of?

Well, of a lavish event to make the readjustment back to non-fashion week reality more sweetly bearable – yes, I became very spoiled lately and that just MFW fault – and, of course, of some solid packing advice! I can anytime picture myself in the airport, trying to handle my travel bags using even the hands I don’t have,  just like an Indian Goddess.  Which is why it is so good to have Louis Vuitton in my life!

Janina Nectara Louis Vuitton

Janina Nectara Louis Vuitton Fashion

Louis Vuitton 1

Janina Nectara Louis Vuitton Fashion

Louis Vuitton 2

Louis Vuitton 3

And I was about to see that there are still so many other dreams to come true… In a refined exclusive event, excellently choreographed by  its mastermind, Izabela Coman, the Louis Vuitton live demonstration of the golden rules of the fine art of packing treated me with all kinds of excitement and thrill. Excitement that the wonderfully practical and beautiful LV luggage options can be just as easy to use as my Alma even for a less than handy person like myself, excitement that among other dying skills, the art of preparing for travelling in style is secure in Louis Vuitton’s apt hands, and excitement that a personalised coffret might just have me on the road to organisation mastery.

As for thrills, there were many – Mariage Frères tea, glasses of the finest champagne and macaroons, I don’t know if intentionally matching the shades of the LV accessories offering, as wonderful hosts, excellent entertainment.

It was a soirée to remember, and even now, as I’m sipping a cup of tea in its memory, I can remember that small boxes and cases should always go first and that dresses lie softly on top. And, after all, I wonder – with my memory refreshed on the practicalities of packing, why shouldn’t I linger more on remembering which and why did I find most tempting among Louis Vuitton’s travel solutions?

Louis Vuitton travel

Louis Vuitton travel

for being absolutely adorable, a LV foldable jewellery pouch, EUR 625

Louis Vuitton travel

for being Marilyn Monroe-chic, a LV boîte chapeaux, EUR 2 170

Louis Vuitton travel

for allowing for hands on contact, a LV Speedy Voyage, EUR 1 290

Louis Vuitton travel

for looking like a generously sized cherry macaroon, a LV Pégase, EUR 2 920

Louis Vuitton travel

for the sheer joy of it, a LV Coffret Merveilles – that is to say, wonders coffer-, EUR 2 200


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Photos: Louis Vuitton