August 12, 2013

Live & style La vie en rose!

Ray Ban #Aviator

If summer had yet to set something dripping with vivid shades of orange, green, blue and happiness, then it must have been a classic. The Ray Ban classic Aviator. The same protection and style, with much more joy. As even if from behind the lenses you can’t truly perceive the discrete or eye catching reflexes of the color and flash summer lines, you surely do get the satisfaction of becoming a head turner.

Ray Ban #Aviator

If you still want to go for a softer summer feel, choose your own frames and lenses combination and make a sensational classic. If you’re feeling bold, do choose to be brave and go all the way up to wow!

The Ray Ban Aviator summer edition ranges from USD 145 to 500 and, with your help, it is bound to make it among the legends! I’ve made up my mind. I’m chipping in to the fame of the candy pink. How about you?

Ray Ban #AviatorRay Ban #AviatorRay Ban #AviatorRay Ban #AviatorRay Ban #Aviator

Ray Ban #Aviator Legends


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Photo source: Ray Ban