October 15, 2013

Let’s stimulate the economy! The future is in our… nails

Dior nail polish

Enlivened by the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize for Economics, I felt a renewed need to bring myself up to scratch with the latest in the no less revolutionary field of fashion business. So I went straight to Forbes, the business breaking news broker and, to my amazement, among the most recent posts laid a paper of scientific speculation – with tints of history and humour – based on a series of correct observations on the evolution, if not correlated, at least chronologically parallel of… the economy and nail polish trends!

The text is full of savour and, as far as the scientific accuracy of it goes, as underlined by the author herself, it’s the best, if not even more solid, theory since skirt lengths as an economic indicator! It’s a pleasure seeing that logic always prevails and we’re going back to the essential 🙂 So, let’s wait together for the new Vogue covers to hunt for clues on the evolution of the indexes and focus on influencing the Dow Jones with some positive chi from millions of fingernails painted in the most optimistic and economy stimulating pink we can find!

Vogue beauty nails make up


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Photo sources: Dior, eyeshadowlipstick.com