December 7, 2012

Let The Vogue Tarot Cards Predict Your Future

”Will I still find that gorgeous pair of shoes in the store if I wait until the sales start?” ”Should I choose the floral print or the animal print dress for my hot date tonight?” Do you have a burning question of your own that you need an answer to? Forget about the old Magic 8 Ball or flipping a coin and instead, try the most vogue way of finding out what the almighty Universe wants you to know – the Vogue tarot cards.

Choose a category – love, work, money or future, and one of the respective questions, such as ”Are we meant for each other?”, ”How are things between us?”, ”How will the new year treat me?”, ”Will I receive surprises in the new year?” and let the cards decide. You’ll receive a series of fun answers meant to help you with your ”existential” dilemmas.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must hurry. The tarot cards told me that until the year is over, I should invest my money in something that makes me happy, and what better way to indulge than the fabulous purse I saw yesterday in a window display?

Let the Vogue tarot cards predict your future as well, right here.

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