January 12, 2014

Leslie from Blumarine. Can you feel spring yet?

Can you hear the call of spring? There’s little wonder about that. As this season the ones touting sun, life and optimism are the elegant retro style modern edge bags from Blumarine!

Leslie comes in warm glistering golden shades, electric tones of blue and red or impacting black and white and puts forward bold textures of lacquer, sophisticated snakeskin or playful polka dots. While the Made in Italy materials and creative and manufacturing masterships strike a unique, interesting contrast against the smooth, transparent or shining Plexiglas inserts.

Little voices talking loud and clear about spring, starting March, in fashion boutiques.

Blumarine SS14 Leslie bag

Blumarine SS14 Leslie bag

Blumarine SS14 Leslie bag


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Photos: Blumarine