March 21, 2012

Push-up underwear is good for the ego

Push-up bras make women 75 per cent more confident. These are the results of the first scientific study about the psychological efficiency of underwear.

The research was conducted by experts from the Manchester University and was commissioned by the underwear brand Gossard. The study involved the analysis of the behavior of 60 women, with ages between 20 and 55, filmed in three different everyday interactions.

The study focused on the behavior differences between the times women wore push-up bra and moments they were dressed in their regular underwear. The results clearly showed that when they felt sexier and they wore a push-up bra, most women smiled more, looked their interlocutor in the eyes and made gestures that showed confidence, such as stroking their chin or wiping their forehand.

Professor Geoff Beattie, who participated at the study, was astounded by the high percentage of women whose confidence grows by 70% when wearing such a bra, and hopes the results will determine women to think twice before resorting to drastic solutions designed to increase the confidence in them, such as breast operations.