November 19, 2012

Learn How To Achieve The Best Side Part For Your Hair

Lots of times, when I’d tell my friends that a person has a “better side” when it comes to their faces (meaning, a side with more prominent features), they’d raise their eyebrows and stare at me skeptically. Stylist and Eufora Global Educator Jeffrey Mayo confirms this theory, adding that it is very important for each person to know which their “stronger” side is, especially when it comes to styling your hair, if you want to do a side part.

To find out how to choose the best side part according to your personal features, Jeffrey suggests these simple steps:

>> Look at yourself in the mirror, covering half of your face (vertically) with a sheet of paper. Pay attention to your features and the details of your face.

>> Cover the other half of your face and repeat the entire process, switching the piece of paper from one side to another, until the small differences in symmetry between the two halves of your face become visible to you.

>> The side that has the most features turned upwards is to be considered the “stronger” side of your face, thus the side which should be exposed. Thus, when parting your hair to one side, make sure it’s the “weakest” side of your face.

>> To get the perfect side part, Jeffrey suggests combing your hair starting from the outer eye corner line, and then apply a bit of serum in order to tame any wild hairs.

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