January 16, 2014

Leafing through the days on the world’s most exclusive calendar

January 16th, 2014. A day just as ordinary or special as the next. Only that, typically for a January day, it meant another morning, noon and evening of complaining about not having yet readjusted to… well… work. So I looked for a more… appealing calendar to count the days till summer on. Does Pirelli ring a bell? It’s the ultra-exclusive supermodel calendar this year celebrating its 50th anniversary and distributed for free to just a handful of rich and famous.

We got our hands on only 5 months from this anniversary 2014’s vintage edition: January, May, June, July and August! For the rest of the year we’ll have to fall back on the exuberant archive of previous years. And what an archive! Claudia, Heidi, Natalia, Jennifer, Adriana

Pirelli model calendar 2014Pirelli model calendar 2014Pirelli model calendar 2014Pirelli model calendar 2014Pirelli model calendar 2014

Pirelli model calendarPirelli model calendar CindyPirelli model calendar Heidi KlumPirelli model calendar Natalia VodianovaPirelli model calendar Jennifer LopezPirelli model calendar Adriana LimaPirelli model calendar


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Photos: vogue.com, vanityfair.com, models.com