May 14, 2013

Le Slip Français Invites You Treat Your Man To An Unique Gift: Scented Underwear

As a woman, you’re already familiar with the power of a special set of lingerie – even when it;s concealed under your clothes, it provides a boost of confidence and sexuality, in a manner in which no other accessory is able to achieve. How about masculine underwear then?

Tired of opening your guy’s underwear drawer only to be treated to the same old mix of cotton-meets-fabric-softner aroma, which just might be the world’s most boring scent? Le Slip Français offers an interesting alternative…


Guillaume Gibault, a young entrepreneur, who founded his own 100% Made in France underwear company in 2011, believes that ” [If] You want to change the world, [if] you want to change things, start by changing your underpants!”

Since 2011, Le Slip Français has sold over 20,000 pieces of lingerie, coming to be regarded as a true success story in France. For now, the company features a main team that includes five people, with the headquarters set in Paris, as well as a series of manufacturing outsources, located in various regions of the country, such as Lille or Dordogne. Soon enough though, Gibault plans to expand his business beyond a national level, the Japanese market proving to be a very enthusiastic one in what his products are concerned.


Recently, Le Slip Français has enlisted the help of an innovative concept – crowdfunding – a way of raising funds online, which permits any Internet user to contribute a certain amount of money to a project, in exchange for a part of its future earnings or for a set of shares in the respective company, in order to launch an innovative project – scented men’s underwear.

Micro-capsules containing homemade perfume (which Gibault describes as being ”quite a masculine perfume, not very strong, based on musk and pears”), will be incorporated into the cotton fabric. Those are then set to release their aroma with the wearer’s every move, lasting for up to 20 washes.

Initially planning to raise 10,000 Euros on the platform, in order to bring their project to life, Le Slip Français have already raised close to 19,000 Euros from enthusiastic investors around the world.


You may contribute yourself to the project by July 3rd by accessing this link – the rewards range from a keyring to the honour of being the face (or, more precisely, the body) of the ad campaign, when it will be launched – or you can simply wait for the quirky boxers to hit the stores, so that you may treat your man with a truly surprising and unique gift.

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