March 14, 2011

Lady Gaga teaching a balancing act to Mugler’s models

Double premiere on the second day of the Paris Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2011-2012 season.

Nicola Formichetti, appointed creative director of the Mugler fashion house in September 2010, showed his first prêt-à-porter collection for women. Formichetti is known to be the stylist and the mastermind behind all the extravagant outfits of the superstar Lady Gaga.

Being in one of her very pink days, the star had a new change of look to make her debut as a model in Formichetti’s show. Wearing blonde hair extensions long to reach her knees and a smoking cigarette as a showy accessory, the mignon singer managed to keep her balance on nearly 8 inch high heels better than any professional model I’ve seen.

“Nicola Formichetti means the Freedom of Fashion. I love my brilliant friend and also my partner more than any clothing item of my wardrobe. But don’t tell him I’ve said that, he’s gonna be devastated. Because he picked all of them.”

The singer’s debut on the catwalk was doubled by another part she has played in the show: as author of the presentation soundtrack which was a mix from her latest album, Born This Way, scheduled to be released in May.
I had expected to see more celebs occupying the front seats, but the only grace magnetizing everybody’s interest was the performer of the super-hit “Alejandro”.


The Mugler House showed revolutionary outfits, easy to spot and name owing to their architectural design. The insertions of unconventional materials such as PVC, neoprene or latex, applied on fluid veils portrayed the super-sexy look of an “android goddess” as the designer himself confessed.
The collection named the “Anatomy of Change – Mode sans frontières” aimed at tailoring an eccentric feminine silhouette by reshaping the shoulders, in particular, to get the “super-woman” effect.

Starting from a minimal palette of non-colors, beige and petrol green, scattered with broken tones of electric blue, the collection paralyzed the audience through its provocative juxtapositions of oversized fur sleeves attached to diaphanous overalls or its conic-shaped cups sewed on tops.
The graphic cut remodeled the anatomy of the woman, as promised, being, nevertheless, true to the Mugler DNA of the extremely feminine lines.

Notwithstanding his success in having created a powerful image and, implicitly, a most exceptional show, it still remains to be seen how Formichetti will turn the collection into figures, because not all of us have the dramatic guts of his illustrious client. Well, I’m not that concerned anyway. After touring the Mugler show-room, Bryanboy told me that there were a few jackets and a lot of other simply spectacular pieces of clothing for which he had an instant crush. Even though they were not part of the presentation, they were designed as for me and you, for ordinary humans. I’m pretty confident that the “biodiversity” of the outfits you can find in the stores will manage to blend the sales so much longed for by the company with Formichetti’s imaginative mind adored by the millions of Gaga’s and Mugler’s fans.
Have fun shopping!

(Images & AFP/Getty)