March 28, 2011

Lacoste – porcelaine work of art


Lacoste invited the Chinese artist, Li Xiaofeng, to create two huge polo shirts out of pieces of porcelain ceramics.

Li Xiaofeng used broken reshaped porcelain recovered from ancient archeological digs, some dating from the Ming Dynasty, and linked them together like a puzzle with silver wire and Voila! An exquisite work of art came out to light.

“It took me over three months to create the piece for LACOSTE. I used over three hundred shard pieces! I was trained as an oil painter. When an artist finishes a painting, no one ever calculates how many brush strokes or how much paint was used. As long as you reach the ideal effect, it’s fine. This has become one of my habits,” declared Xiaofeng.

Innovative presentation – images of the impressive polo ceramic t-shirt were projected
in the middle of the Musée des Arts et Métiers.

An elegant cocktail was hosted outside.

I don’t know how many guests thought about the crazy idea of trying the porcelain polo shirt exposed during Paris Fashion Week, but I know I did.
Not too practical I must admit it, but for those like me, there is a mens and womens printed version of the shirt for sale. But hurry up, this is a limited edition.