December 17, 2012

Lacoste Invites You To Imagine The Polo Of The Future


In 1933, René Lacoste was opening La Chemise Lacoste, alongside André Gillier, the president of the largest French knitwear company at the time. Together, they started mass-producing Lacoste’s design – the Polo shirt with the crocodile logo embroided on the chest, that has since become iconic.

Along with tennis shirts, the company also manufactured golf and sailing shirts. In 1951, the brand expanded its chromatic scheme, which up until then only included white – the standard colour for tennis uniforms, and started producing coloured clothing as well.

In 1952, Lacoste products were exported for the first time to the United States, where they were advertised as ”the status symbol of the competent sportsman”. Towards the late 1960s, the company was sold to Brooke Brothers, remaining up until present time one of the most popular brands in the United States, as well as a symbol of preppy fashion. During the 70s, the company gained more and more popularity, reaching a peak during the 80s, when the Polo shirt was included in Lisa Birnbach’s ”Official Preppy Handbook”, becoming a signature item of the preppy wardrobe.


Currently, aside from sports clothing, Lacoste also produces perfumes, eyeglasses and sunglasses, tennis shoes, boat shoes, daytime shoes, watches, as well as a series of various leather goods. An important role in the brand’s recent development is played by designer Christophe Lemaire, who, from his naming as creative director in 2002, is credited with bringing a modern and youthful air to Lacoste products, as well as designer Felipe Oliviera Baptista, Lemaire’s successor starting with 2010.


To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the iconic Polo shirt, named L1212 (L for Lacoste, 1 for the type of fabric used to manufacture it, 2 for the short sleeve model, and 12 for the prototype number), Lacoste presents a clip in which the emblematic clothing piece is projected into a future where textile technology knows no boundaries. The clip comes with an invitation towards fans to create their own story featuring the Polo shirt’s futuristic image. Post your story on the Lacoste Facebook page and you have the chance of it being illustrated by an artist and published by December 31st.


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