June 17, 2013

Lacoste Celebrates 80th Anniversary With A Collection Of Objets D’Art Inspired By Its Iconic Croc

Precisely 80 years ago, in 1933, Jean René Lacoste, tennis player and businessman, was opening, alongside André Gillier, the largest French knitwear manufacturer of the time, what would across the future few decades, come to be one of the most successful luxury brands of all time.

The famous polo shirts introduced in 1933, that have remained just as popular up to the present day, were the first designer pieces to boast the name and logo of the brand, namely, the well-known croc, which happens to come from the nickname Jean René Lacoste received on the tennis court – ”The Crocodile” – due to his tenacity.

To mark the brand’s 80th anniversary, Lacoste has invited nine French luxury brands to be inspired by the famous croc logo, and reinterpret it in their own unique visions.




The result is absolutely stunning: precious luxury objects, one more creative and more tempting than the other. The house of Hermès has come up with a tennis bag in supple, shiny croc leather, while the house of Goyard has imagined a travel bag boasting the label’s signature chevron print, combined with the Lacoste branding. Luxury jewelry house Boucheron has reinterpreted the crocodile motif in the form of a set of exquisite brooches encrusted with emeralds and diamonds, inspired by the brooch that Jean René Lacoste himself commissioned the jeweler for, back in 1957, for his wife.




The fine crystal bowl by Baccarat, inspired by the trophies won by the house founder during his tennis championship years, the S.T. Dupont set featuring a lighter, two candles and a pair of elegant pens, the Cristofle gold club in silver and white leather, the set of tees by fine porcelain label Bernardaud, in colours corresponding to the iconic Lacoste polo shirts, the golf-bag champagne carrier by Veuve Cliquot, as well as a set of delicious Fauchon eclairs in Lacoste’s signature colours, each boasting a tiny marshmallow croc on top, complete the line-up of collaborations.




The entire collection of anniversary pieces is available at the Collette store in Paris, but while a few of them, such as the Cristofle colf club or the Boucheron brooches, can be made to order, other pieces, such as the bags by Hermès and Goyard, are one of a kind items, which may next be admired starting with the year 2014 in the Lacoste Museum in Troyes.

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Photos courtesy of: vogue.fr, idsgn.org