July 6, 2012

Lack of sleep leads to bad food choices


Sleeping is vital for your health, but more and more studies show a connection between the lack of sleep and putting on weight. One of the latest researches made at the Berkeley University in U.S.A demonstrates the connection between not sleeping enough and making bad eating choices.

What they did is they tested 23 young, healthy people, after a good night sleep, and after a night when they didn’t get too much rest. While their brains were scanned, they were asked to tell how much they craved for different types of food that was brought in front of them.

The results showed that lack of sleep reduces the frontal part of the brain, the one responsible for the behavior’s control and for making decisions, including decisions concerning what food to eat. This means that when you are not sleeping enough, your body is confused and makes the wrong choices, including food choices. And it’s more likely to choose some french fies, instead of a salad, for your meal.


Photos: anylabtestblog.com