July 1, 2013

Kris Van Assche Reinterprets The Style Rules Of Menswear

For his signature Menswear collection for the Spring/Summer 2014 season, Kris Van Assche has chosen to illustrate a personal interpretation of the rules and codes of men’s fashion.

Thus, the sport/chic registers, usually situated at opposite poles, have been merged together in the most surprising of manners, creating a line-up of truly unique looks.

Hybrid silhouettes, at the border of sporty and classic, came out onto the runway in a daring chromatic palette: bold, powerful colours, usually reserved for sportswear, have been transposed onto sober, elegant silhouettes; refined trench coats have been cross-fertilised with cagoule jackets, while tailored vests and double-breasted suit jackets have been playfully paired with loose basketball-like shorts.

The result of this game of contrasts? An entirely surprising, super cool and stylish one!


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Photos courtesy of: Kris Van Assche PR Office