December 6, 2013

Kiss me under the mistletoe or send me a Burberry kiss!

Burberry kisses Christmas

Oh, sweet Friday afternoon… Why sweet? Because I again have the chance to send a Burberry kiss. I’ve already been doing it for holidays and special occasions, but this time he really isn’t expecting it. Who? Him. Why? Because there’s no anniversary, not even Christmas yet. He’s just… out of town.

And I’m going to just Sienna-Miller-Burberry-send him a kiss. I’ve already chosen the lipstick, but about the kiss I’m not telling you a thing. Only that I went, on my smart phone, to, planted it all red and sweet on the screen and saw how the kiss recognition technology transformed it into a faithful digital image which… I think might just have been delivered. I have to go, there’s a phone call or Burberry kiss to wait for!

Burberry kisses Christmas

Burberry kissing works from smart phones, tablets or desktops/laptops via web cams. But if the receiver of your kiss still isn’t that technology savvy, he can always send you an alternative kiss… I for one think Burberry Orchard really does look like a pair of lips puckering up for one!

Burberry Orchard bag


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Photos: Burberry