June 6, 2013

Beauty Tips: Keep Your Makeup Germ-Free With A Few Simple Tricks


There’s no toying around when it comes to lip, eye or skin infections. Each time you apply your makeup negligently, millions of germs are being transferred from your face onto your favourite beauty products. Make sure you follow these few simple steps, to ensure that you’ll be able to safely use any item from your makeup bag. You wouldn’t want a nasty infection to pop up right smack in the middle of your face, would you?

>> Don’t ever lend eye shadows, mascara, eyeliners, lipstick or any other makeup product to anybody. Same goes for your eyelash curler or your makeup brushes, which can carry the same amount of bacteria as beauty products.

>> In the event that you get an infection, such as pink eye or a cold sore, throw away every makeup prooduct that you’ve been using for the past 2 weeks, even if you feel sorry to part with them.

>> Make sure you don’t use your makeup past their expiration date. Mascara lasts for about 3 months, liquid foundation can be used for 6 to 12 months, while for lipstick it’s 2 years, lip gloss 1 year, powder makeup 2 years, and eye pencils 2 years.

>> Use specially designated sharpeners to refresh the tips of your eye and lip pencils. Then, spray all of them with a mist of isopropylic alcohol (both the pencils as well as the sharpeners). Don’t even think about using some old sharpener that’s been sitting in your desk drawer since you were in middle school!

>> Once every few months, refresh your solid-powder makeup, such as eye shadows and blushes, by spraying them with a fine mist of isopropylic alcohol. Then, use a thin blade to scrape off the top layer, which houses the most bacteria.


>> Loose powder makeup and liquid or gel eyeliners are best kept away from germs if you refrain from dipping your brush right into them. Pour a bit on a clean makeup palette and use a clean brush each time.

>> Don’t ever use your finger to apply lip gloss or lip balm from a pot. Use a brush instead.

>> If you have the tendency to use a tube of lipstick for a long time, say, for two entire years, spray it from time to time with a fine mist of alcohol, and then, gently scrape off the top layer.

>> Try to refrain from double-dipping your brush in your makeup containers, so as to minimise the risk of infections.

>> Don’t forget to regularly disinfect your brushes and makeup tools, say, once every two weeks. Also, make sure to disinfect them right after you get a cold. Use a bit of shampoo or even a few mists of alcohol spray.

>> If you wish to test any makeup products in a store, make sure that the makeup artist disinfects them right in front of you. Also, make sure you buy your beauty supplies from a respectable boutique, so that you can be sure the testers are being disinfected before and after every use. To test mascara, ask the makeup artist to provide you with a disposable applicator.

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Photos courtesy of: behance.net, eyeshadowlipstick.com