February 1, 2013

Keep Your Footwear Looking Sensational During Winter


Have you fallen in love with those new boots that you just bought or with the fabulous booties with the outrageously high heels that make every eye in the room turn to you, making you feel like a diva? Follow these few simple steps to ensure that you’ll be able to wear them next year too, looking as good as new:

>> Even if you happen to get your shoes extra-wet, don’t ever place them near a heating source in your wish to make them dry faster. Let them dry naturally, at room temperature, or else the fabric might get damaged.

>> Make sure that you deposit your winter footwear in an adequate manner during the warm season. Place each pair in a separate shoes box and ensure that boots don’t get damaged by inserting a boot tree inside to keep them straight.

>> To get rid of those pesky salt stains that appear whenever you walk through snow for too long, try a solution that’s one part water, one part vinegar, or a few drops of makeup remover (go with the milky lotion, not the clear one). Brush the shoes with circular strokes and leave them to dry at room temperature.

>> Wear your shoes in rotation, avoiding that one favourite pair get damaged too quickly from everyday wearing.

>> Apply special conditioners each time you wear your shoes, don’t wait for them to get dirty, or even worse, for them to show signs of wear and tear.

>> Try wax-based waterproofing sprays or balms – especially when it comes to suede footwear. Don’t forget to first apply the solution to a small area that’s not very visible, to test that there are no adverse reactions with the fabric of the shoe.

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Photo courtesy of: blog.nickienoel.com