July 19, 2013

Keep Your Fabulous Tan Intact The Entire Summer!


I have naturally pale skin, so it’s pretty hard for me to get a tan. Once I get one, though, I try to hold on to it for as long as possible, aiming to extend its life way beyond the summer’s end and into the days of fall. To achieve this, I follow a few simple tricks, which I’m happy to share with you:

>> Get a gradual tan! Don’t rush to get a tan on the first day of your trip to the beach by using a tanning oil with SPF 5. You’ll end up burning your skin and the resulting tan will fade away in a mere matter of weeks. A gradual tan, achieved over time, will last way longer.

>> Hydrate your skin! Dry skin not only looks dreadful, but will also start to exfoliate, peeling off a few layers of tanned skin.

>> Exfoliate! Yes, I know we’ve just established that shedding off skin messes with the intensity of your tan, but if you don’t slough off the dead skin, it will exfoliate on its own, often in an uneven manner. Be sure to use a gentle scrub to peel off just a thin layer of dead skin cells.

>> Avoid hot showers! Hot water dries your skin out, making it start to exfoliate. Cold showers, on the other hand, help tone your skin.


>> Complement your tan with the right makeup! A shimmering blush or lipgloss with bronzing factor and an eyeshadow/eyeliner or nail polish in a gorgeous golden shade will perfectly complement the colour of your skin, highlighting your tan.

>> Complement your tan with the right clothes and accessories! White and gold create a beautiful contrast against tanned skin, so stick to them when it comes to clothing and accessorising.

>> Prolong your tan with the help of a bronzing lotion! When you feel your tan starting to fade away, give it an extra few weeks by applying daily a gradual bronzing lotion.

>> Fill up on beta-carotene! It’s a substance with a red-ish pigment, which helps your tan pop out. You can find beta-carotene supplements at the drug store, but you’re even better off getting it from carrots, pumpkins or spinach. My advice: enjoy a delicious icy smoothie made out of apples, carrots and peaches!

>> Drink water! Hydrate your skin from within, to prevent drying and exfoliation.


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Photos courtesy of: perfecte.ro, celeb6free.com