March 1, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld’s advices on Angela Merkel

“Better-designed legwear and unbuttoned jackets.” That’s what the designer Karl Lagerfeld advises German Chancellor Angela Merkel to wear. In an interview for the German magazine Focus, the designer said “overall her dress code is okay, but the cut should be more precise.” He wasn’t so critical concerning Merkel’s haircut and blonde color, which he said perfectly fit with “her beautiful blue eyes”.

Known as strong, powerful women, Merkel started to wear classic outfits since she is a Chancellor, and after she wore an inappropriate dress during an event, in 2008.

Her clothes have often been mocked for their lack of style, and the journalists would call her the “grey mouse”. Now, she mainly follows the fashion advice of Hamburg designer Bettina Schoenbach. She usually wears single-coloured trousers and jackets, with flat shoes.