June 24, 2013

Steal Karl’s Sunglasses To Win A Sensational Pair Of Your Own!


”You think it’s that simple to see me without my glasses? It’s impossible! I’m Karl Lagerfeld! If however you manage to, I have a little surprise in store for you!”, Karl’s voice teasingly said to me.

The next second, I was frantically clicking my mouse, trying to grab as many sunglasses as I could, off the face of a miniature Tokidoki-style Karl, who kept taunting me by belittling my pathetic efforts with admonishments such as ”Another failure!”, ”Your target is lame!” and ”You really do need some glasses!”.

You think it’s that easy to ”steal” King Karl’s precious sunglasses? Just give it a try! I’m warning you though: Je Veux Les Lunettes De Karl is a highly addictive game. You’ll click your mouse frantically in your quest to keep up with a tiny and super funny cartoon Karl, who moves at lightning speed, until his famous voice will finally admonish you with a harsh, yet tongue-in-cheek ”Karl has no more time for you!” – and then you’ll want to start all over again!

 karl jeu

If you manage to outdo Karl in the speed department, the prizes that await are absolutely sensational: exquisite Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses from the designer’s eponymous line launched in 2012 in partnership with Optica 2000, as well as a series of limited-edition Tokidoki Karl figurines.

 karl 2

Hurry! You only have a month to try and steal Karl’s sunglasses in order to win a pair of your own!


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Photos courtesy of: luxsure.fr, jeveuxleslunettesdekarl.com

Video courtesy of: vimeo.com