August 13, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld, the secret of all fashion success. Italia Independent eyewear is next!

Karl Lagerfeld

The one and only Karl Lagerfeld loves ’’velvet gloves on iron hands and velvet sunglasses on steel eyes’’, and the Italian businessman and New York fashion icon Lapo Elkann appreciates that a collaboration with the symbolic Karl Lagerfeld amounts to a genuine recognition of Italia Independent’s work. That is his co-founded group, focusing on eyewear, lifestyle and, if it’s still possible, the furthering of the planet’s most stylish nation global appeal.

Just the ideal starting point for a collection designed by Lagerfeld, inspired by his and famous Elkann’s styles, and distributed globally starting this October! This way, Karl mania is set to expand with 3 new ‘’velvet’’ sunglasses and 3 new frames – one feminine, one masculine and one unisex model each. Yes, is seems that even if for Karl one really is made by the clothes chooses wearing, since he’s willing to offer all a pair of à la Karl shades, it is not his unmistakable dark eyewear that makes Lagerfeld be Lagerfeld!

As for the Italian group, the day that saw the announcement of their and Karl Lagerfeld’s joint project, Italia Independent shares went up 1.7%, at Milan Stock Exchange, while Andrea Tessitore, from the group’s management, revealed that they are in advanced talks for future collaboration with a famous French brand.

The expectations are huge, as, let’s not forget, the enviable portfolio of fashion businessman Lapo Elkann already boasts an exceptional collaboration with Gucci, for the ultra exclusive collection Lapo’s Wardrobe.


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Photo sources: Karl Lagerfeld, Italia Independent