July 10, 2013

The Summer’s IT-Destination For A Heavenly Holiday


I have yet to visit the elegant Monaco, but now, I have an extra reason to do so as soon as possible: Karl Lagerfeld has recently placed his iconic creative mark on the exquisite Hotel Métropole in Monte Carlo, redecorating the pool and lounge area with images that seem to have been torn right out of the pages of the Legends Of Olympus.

Playing on the fact that the legends of Greek mythology all take place around the Mediterranean area, Lagerfeld drew his inspiration for redecorating one of the most iconic buildings of the city of Monte Carlo, from Homer’s masterpiece – The Iliad and The Odyssey.



King Karl imagined a heavenly setting – his personal vision of Ulysse’s adventures, chronicled by Homer in his epic poems, was brought to life in black & white photographs depicting models clad in togas, which were then superimposed onto etchings of vintage black-and-white images of the Greek coastline. The contemporary story of the Greek legends, as told by the spectacular frescoes, is backlit by a grandiose installation of LED lights, creating a constellation above and around the pool and lounge area of the hotel.


Odyssey5_Hotel Metropole MC_C.Larit

I simply cannot stop looking at the breathtaking photos and dreaming about the perfect vacation, in which I’m spending day after day relaxing at the pool of the elegant Hotel Métropole, sipping delicious cocktails, sampling sophisticated hors d’oeuvres created by chef Joël Robuchon, breathing in the intoxicating jasmine perfume radiating from the luxurious gardens and letting go of any care in the world. Now, where’s my credit card? I have a plane ticket to book!


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Photos courtesy of: karl.com, fashion.telegraph.co.uk, pursuitist.com, bsochic.blogspot.ro