November 25, 2011

Kanye West: fashion in hip-hop dancing steps

The famous rapper wants his name in capital letters in the world of fashion as well and made his off-calendar debut at the Paris Fashion Week.

A constant front-row presence at the top fashion shows, Kanye switched positions: from the privileged critical consumer to the excited designer at the end of the show. Aware that no risk, no gain, Kanye West counted on sexy, effortless hip-hop diva outfits.

Dresses displaying generous cleavage under the neckline or sideways as if torn asymmetrically, zippered up pants, skirts and blouses artfully draped by a good pattern-making hand, all this created quite a stir. The Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, Ciara, Azzedine Alaia, the Fendi family and other reputed designers experienced the sensation not to be backstage, but guests of honor occupying front seats.

Nevertheless, the herd instinct took over and the adverse criticism came rolling down. Contrary to this vision, the furs casually thrown on the shoulder and the skin in high summer were the singer’s quite legitimate appanage. Otherwise,Kayne would not have been Kanye anymore. And who remembers the hit American Boy would probably understand his style better.

I  am pretty convinced that the same collection mirrored by two different designers would have different feed-backs.

Although not a Kanye West fan, I think that he did a good job for a debut collection, especially that he put his bling-blings aside and listened to the professional advice of Kim Jones, the Louis Vuitton men’s line designer or to that of the prestigious teacher with Central Saint Martins, Louise Wilson.

I cannot know how serious his fashion intentions are, but even Stella McCartney or Victoria Beckham got some reserved treatments in the beginning of their careers, for all that their collections were accurate. But this may be the baptism in the world of fashion, when the name is resonant.

Right after the show, Carine Roitfeld – ex editor- in-chief of Vogue France – voiced her wish to place an order. I can really picture her wearing a body-tight, highly low-necked black dress, with a golden zipper snaking all along her back. Simply gorgeous!

After all, it is the sales that keep a business alive, not the criticism.
You go, Kanye!

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