April 25, 2013

Justin Timberlake, in suit and tie and jeans again. William Rast is rising

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is, as always when he’s launching a new album, ubiquitous. He is on every music channel and radio station at the same time, and this album around he is having us want to sway on his soft and cool music with themes easily sliding towards fashion. Mirrors and, absolutely loud and clear, Suit & Tie, give dandy Timberlake the opportunity to perform, on stage or in videos, smouldering like Cary Grant, in Tom Ford.

Justin Timberlake

Still, let’s not jump to conclusions and assume JT has altogether given up any piece of clothing that can’t be paired up with a bowtie, nor that he has forsaken his jeans brand, William Rast. We would be equally mistaken. The press speculations concerning the failure of yet another celebrity label are still unverified, while William Rast is rising from the ashes, faithfully following its, still, patron’s musical career.

William Rast

A new premium adventurous collection is available at jc penney, while the advertising campaign is being prepared for a new lease of success.

William Rast

So, let’s enjoy Justin Timberlake and William Rast, Rihanna and Rihanna for River Island, Katie Grand and The Gang from Hogan, Matthew McConaughey and JKL, Kate Hudson and Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor, Doutzen Kroes and Repeat and all of the music, movies and collections to come.

Rihanna for River Island

The Gang from Hogan


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Photo sources: Justin Timberlake, William Rast, River Island, Hogan