November 17, 2014

Just Cavalli, the (shopping) beautiful & the wild (Wild West)

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Just Cavalli online limited edition, Roberto Cavalli, online shopping

The world of online shopping has always been hiding an underlying essence of lusts, of desires materialising in a cascade of generously filled shopping bags and a general manifestation of the fierce and wild thirst for fashion.

Yes, I say it loud and clear, online shopping is a Wild Wild West attracting more and more fashionistas to get a piece of Fashion Eldorado. And it looks like never before to be actually having both wilds before the west, now since the re-launch of the Just Cavalli website! Ready to wear, ah and accessories, mythological accessories that can’t wait to be conquered!

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli

Ready on the set, filming for #ObservatorSpecialTVShow, while proudly wearing the online limited edition sweatshirt, featuring the Mirage print, a must-have motif of the collection inspired by a painting particularly loved by Roberto Cavalli. Available exclusively at the Just Cavalli Online Store!

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli Online store

Janina Nectara, Fashion Avec Passion, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli Online store

Could it be the luxuriant abundance of the colours, prints and textures? The unapologetical boldness of the cowboy fringes on boots, bags and trousers? Or maybe even the mirage of a certain symbol-jacket leading us to believe that WE’VE FOUND GOLD?!

Since on the Just Cavalli Online Store there really are a great many treasures to be discovered… All the more if this à la LA rock rhythm is making our hunting incursion a little bit more urban and cosmopolitan… Just have a look for yourself!


Just Cavalli laminated sheepskin jacket, EUR 3 325

Just Cavalli pumps, 11.5 cm heel, EUR 287

limited edition sweatshirt, available exclusively online at Just Cavalli, EUR 309 hers, EUR 241 his


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Photos: Just Cavalli