June 4, 2013

Joy for the soul and feet. Order your ultra customised Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey

Wedding shoes, bridesmaids shoes, high heels, day shoes or ballet flats, for small feet, big feet, narrow and less narrow feet, even for odd feet, in the original Shoes of Prey design or any style and combination imaginable, as ultra personalized as they can possibly get, they are now available to order.

Shoes of Prey

Fantastically beautiful or simple and classic, the Australian shoes of prey are always going to be the produce of our wildest designer imagination and only tamed by the 12 shape options and 170 leather and fabrics to choose from. Starting with the idea, going through the pushing of the START DESIGNING button and ending with the delivery.

A pair of Shoes of Prey costs between EUR 129 and 199 and gets shipped within 5 weeks from Australia to anywhere in the world. If you also just got the thought of a sensational surprise but are, like me, unsure about the snakeskin, go choose the gift certificate. This way, the fortunate surprised will get all the fun as well as the most fabulous shoes ever.

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Photo source: Shoes of Prey