March 13, 2012

Johny Depp, Seal and Cash Warren start a new trend for male nail polish

Not long ago men were hardly tempted to use a face moisturizer, but I begin to feel that more and more men are starting to move into a extreme care. Lately, it seems that fashion nail lacquer is becoming one of men’s favorite. Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, Seal and Johnny Depp were seen in public with nails polished in bright colors like yellow, blue and pink.

Marco Berardini, celebrity stylist, believes this is happening because ” men are becoming more aware that how their nails look can define them”. In the same time, Mark Rodol, CEO of Models Own, which sells a bottle of varnish every 15 seconds believes “we live in an image-obsessed world and nail varnish has become the ultimate accessory.” He thinks “a new varnish provides an expression of individuality and the same buzz as a new outfit for 10 per cent of the cost.”

Nail companies such as BB or felt the trend and started to create nail polishes aimed at men, with masculine names: Bullfighter, Coal Miner, or Golf Pro.