May 21, 2013

John Legend eagerly anticipating The Sound of Change Live show together with Beyonce and J Lo!

John Legend is looking forward to joining Beyoncé on stage at Twickenham on June 1st for the Sound of Change Live!

Just as eager to take part in the Chime for Change charitable concert are all of the other extraordinary artists – Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Haim, Iggy Azalea, Laura Pausini, Rita Ora and Timbaland. But the show won’t exclusively be about spectacular performances, as it will be given a soul and a purpose by the stories of the brave girls and women Chime for Change is working and rooting for. The message put out during the concert will be an emotional and hopeful one, a message essentially about humanity, education, health and justice, a message for the world!

Share with the artists, with Chime for Change, Janina Nectara and Fashion avec Passion and all of your friends the joy of The Sound of Change Live! Purchase your ticket, tell them that you’re going, take them with you or watch together the evening when girls and women will have their rightful place on the world stage.

Don’t forget that the full value of every ticket goes directly to the girls and women opportunities project of each attendant’s choice!

John Legend The Sound of Change Live


Proud to be part of Chime for Change, a community of people working to promote Education,

Health and Justice for every girl, every woman, everywhere. Join us:

The Sound of Change Live


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Photo source: Chime for Change