March 20, 2011

John Galliano – show must go on

John Galliano squeezed tears among ovations when his show came to an end. And what higher compliments could have first rate editors paid him if not the collective regret that the exquisite Galliano would no longer head the creation department of the Maison Dior. Both the applauses for the Christian Dior show and those meant for the presentation signed John Galliano missed their long-awaited honoree. He never turned up at either of the events.

The baroque location chosen for the John Galliano Fall/Winter 2011-2012 défilé was kept a secret to the last moment. Instead of 1500 guests as a show of Galliano’s magnitude would usually count, the presentation was restricted to 250 guests and the access of photographers and cameras was limited to just a few close collaborators of the fashion house.

Left unfinished, the collection counted around 20 items of clothing revealing the couturier’s unmistakable style. The retro hairdo and the dramatic make-up worked as a complement to the closefitting coats made up of the elegant English tweed joint by fur-covered midi skirts, the fur being an accessory added even on high collars or lapels in deep cut. The evening line was made up of outstanding transparent, boudoir-like gowns wearing again fur or feathers on their sleeves but not owing to any heat considerations, only to mark here and there that it was a collection for the cold season. So cold, in fact, that the manufacture will most likely freeze at this stage.

For the John Galliano brand where the designer is minority shareholder, owning 10% of the shares, a negotiation is envisaged to be resulting in the parting between the artist and the business carrying his name. This is my deepest fear, but I do hope – hopefully not against hope – that the brilliant designer will not be forbidden to create under his own name.

All in all, thousands of fans are all waiting for his comeback, as the fashion industry is not the same without the stellar mastermind named GALLIANO!

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