April 23, 2013

John Galliano Shares His Vision And Creativity In A Special Course At Parsons University


The entire fashion world – students of fashion design in particular – gave a collective sigh last month, when it turned out that the rumours circulating about John Galliano occupying a permanent teaching spot at his Londonese alma mater, Central Saint Martins, had no true foundation. However, the talent and vision of the prestigious designer won’t remain unshared with the world, as Galliano is set to teach a special course at the New York Parsons New School For Design – an unique opportunity, meant to provoke students’ imagination, exploring its power and maximising the impact of emotions, transforming them into a means of materlialising creativity.


The course, entitled ”Show Me Emotion”, will feature a four-day workshop, during which students will be encouraged to interact with Galliano in order to better understand the context and pressure of having a truly important role in the world of fashion design.


Sounds like an opportunity that anybody would kill for indeed (and we’re not talking here only about Parsons-enrolled students). However, not all of the University’s students will be granted the amazing opportunity of taking part in the course.

The eligible candidates for Galliano’s workshop are only senior students enrolled in BFA courses, and they, too, will be carefully selected, based on a series of essays, teacher recommendations, a video accompanying their submission form, as well as a GPA score of minimum 3.0.


After courses spanning over three days, during which the legendary talent of the designer will be showcased in various ways to the students, the workshop will culminate when Galliano will be joined by Simon Collins, the dean of Parsons University and an ardent fan of the designer’s work, to hold a critique and conversational Q&A session.

Galliano’s rehabilitation process after his prompt dismissal from Dior, as well as his eponymous label in 2011, following an anti-semitic rant caught on tape in a Paris bar, debuted a few months ago, when the designer was invited by Oscar de la Renta to join the creative process for the latter’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, in anticipation of the show presented during New York Fashion Week.

An old friend and fierce advocate of Galliano, Oscar de la Renta is one of the most prestigious names in fashion, having also had as mentors a couple of emblematic figures. After an apprenticeship under legendary couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, de la Renta left Spain in favour of Paris, in order to join Antonio Castillo, as couturier assistant for Lanvin. Following a suggestion made by Diana Vreeland, Vogue editor-in-chief at the time, de la Renta started a collaboration with Elizabeth Arden in 1963, emerging thus from under the shadow of the already well-established designers and beginning to make a name for himself in the fashion industry.

The collaboration proved to be bountiful, substantially elevating the label’s profits. Two years later, de la Renta opened his own fashion house, taking over Jane Derby’s label after her death in 1965. His talent and vision have been widely recognised over the years, and his label has dressed various distinguished figures, from movie stars to royalties.

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Photos courtesy of: fashion.parsons.edu, graziadaily.co.uk, fashionela.net, shesalicegrey.blogspot.com