March 4, 2013

John Galliano Fall/Winter 2013: Camouflaged Femininity

With his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for John Galliano, Bill Gaytten suggested a different approach to the idea of illustrating the feminine identity, choosing to showcase it not by unveiling a sensual side, but by exposing the power of femininity with the help of geometric silhouettes with a tough edge, instead.

The sobriety of the outfits, devoid of cutouts, appliqués or any other unnecessary details, was sweetened by a couple of feminine accents, such as waists sculpted into peplums, occasional delicate drapings, as well as the use of precious fabrics, like silk or velvet. The floor-length dresses with columnar silhouettes that closed the show, fell right in line with the collection’s elegant allure.


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