April 25, 2011

John Galliano accessories A/W 2011-2012

A week ago I received from John Galliano PR Office (Thank you Alexandre!) four zip files containing the illustrations of the amazing accessories from the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 season: mens and womens shoes&bags.

And because the beautiful things have to be shared with everyone, I’ve decided to post a series of 4 articles dedicated to the marvelous work (of art, I should better say) signed by John Galliano.

Reason for which I am going to start with the shoes. And if the bunny didn’t came yet with such a present for Easter, then wait for the autumn/winter season and order the exquisite pieces presented above.

Extremely sexy and glamorous, these shoes shout loud and clear “Look at me!” (And let’s be honest, it’s very flattering and convenient in the same time to get such a good PR, even if it comes from a pair of shoes.)
Pushing the boundaries of extravagance, Galliano added thin golden or silver chains, buckles and straps, or even traces of fur on the top of pumps, achieving a new definition of sexy-chic. The remarcable details such as the news-paper print on the sole and the dots perforation embroidery make a statement of rafinement and undoubtful craftmanship.

And don’t think that this beauty has a side effect: the one related to the confort. No, no, no! Those desirable heels come in the same package with the support of a hidden platform, which allows us to enjoy a stunning design for more than two hours. In this case, high heels means high fashion.

Playing with contrasts of shiny leather and suede, John Galliano once again realized irresistable shoes with impeccable finishing.

This was the last collection designed by Galliano for the brand that bear his name. John Gallianao and Christian Dior SA (which used to hold more than 90% of the shares of this label) separated this month. According to Dailymail UK, Dior Group claims it has no intention to sell the brand.

I am looking forward to the next designes both by John Galliano (the brand) and from the new label (which we all expect) by Galliano, the designer.
Till then, ladies, stay close! Bags will follow soon.

PS: Happy Easter everybody! Happy Easter John Galliano!

Though it’s extremely difficult to choose your favorite pair of shoes from this collection, I did my best and jumped to the conclusion that this one deserves the first prize. The design elements (chains, straps, buckles) and pale mixture of fondant pink and grey enhance a suave elegance and charm, almost turning into a real fetish.  Simply love it!