February 14, 2013

Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2013: Punk Graphic Punch

In 2001, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders conceived an interesting experiment, taking a different drug for the duration of eleven days, and drawing a self-portrait under the influence of each of the substances. Well, if this technique were to be transformed to include beloved cartoon characters, such as Spongebob or the cast of Monsters Inc., instead of human portraits, the result would probably come close to the prints that Jeremy Scott chose for his Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Inspired, according to the designer, by the posters that West Coast skaters and surfers used to pin on their walls, the prints in electric colours, featuring the caricaturised versions of funny monsters with evil eyes and scary grins, perfectly came together with the punk vibe of the rest of the collection.

Scott’s cold season collection boasts a distinctly fresh and youthful allure, with micro mini skirts, abdomen-baring bustier tops, provocative super-tight short dresses, cropped pants and a series of outfits covered almost from head to toe in fur, that stepped onto the runway in a punk fantasy with accents that seemed to have been stripped straight from children’s comic books.

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Photos courtesy of: style.com, fashgif.tumblr.com