October 27, 2011

Janina Nectara in New York Times

Here we are at the very end of Paris Fashion Week Pret-a-Porter S/S 2012.

Many stories to tell in front of a warm fire during the immaculate freezing winter and also many snazzy outfits to dream of till the next summer.

But the phenomenal surprise I personally had, at the Pret-a-Porter SS 2012 (off  the runway) season, was to find my Janina Nectarafur&feather vest in the prestigious New York Times.

The image was captured at the entrance of the Dior show by the highly reputed photographer, Valerio Mezzanotti.

Valerio is a gifted Italian artist, constantly collaborating with the leading names of fashion publications, such as:  American Vogue, The New York Times or The International Herald Tribune. No wonder… He has the magical touch of turning all the pictures he takes into an aesthetic compliment. Reason for which I am enjoying the moment with the genuine excitement of a little child.

Thank you very much,  Valerio Mezzanotti, for the lovely photography!
I am extremely thrilled and flattered!

Wearing my vest at the last show of the official calendar – the Lebanese designer, Elie Saab.
Short photo session with Ed Kavishe fashionwirepress.com and Dana Paun color-stalker.blogspot.com 

Many thanks to Dana & Ed for the pictures and to dearest Molly Breene for the NY Times link!

Janina Nectara feathers&fur vest
Top Shop necklace
Janina Nectara leather skinny pantalons
Stella McCartney bag (lost among the feathers… 🙂
Zara booties
Ray Ban glasses

My passion red booties need a bit of Photoshop cleaning. Jardin de Tuileries‘ white sand give lots of headaches with every show being held here. But that’s why fashion is so fun. Perfection is not trendy anymore.

Dior show, when the NY Times photo was taken, I was wearing the same

Janina Nectara vest, white shirt
Michael Kors bag
rock&roll ring from Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Close-up view 

With Ed Kavishe