March 15, 2013

Janina in the ARMANI VIDEO by Grazia Italia


Grazia Italia

Milano Fashion Week

Three  of the finest ingredients which blended together into a splendid project highlighting the exquisiteness of the Italian fashion in the digital world.

During Milano Fashion Week, Armani was the host of a special fitting session.

International bloggers had the wonderful experience of getting dressed with peerless outfits from both the Emporio and Giorgio lines.

The flawless looks were worn during all the major events and fashion shows of Milano Moda Donna by some of the most reputed fashion bloggers around the world.

Gala Gonzalez –, Sabrina Meijer –, Jessie Bush – and Ingrid Chua Go – were the stars of a sensational VIDEO, suggestively named BLOGGERS LOVE ARMANI. The elegant video was superbely realized by the leading women’s publication in Italy – Grazia Italia

I know all bloggers love Armani, but Armani is my soul fashion brand, reason for which I am extremely thrilled and honored for being part of the selective bloggers group.

I invite you to watch my Spring/Summer 2013 Armani selection on Grazia Italia’s video, although besides this, I have other surprise outfits to show you during Fashion Week. I was super excited and hope I wore Armani with grace (it was definitely with huge pride).

Recently I was extremely happy to find my Armani looks all around the world by prestigious fashion magazines like New York Magazine, Vogue France, Vogue Germany, Elle China,  Elle UK …

Thank you Armani for a lifetime fashion adventure!

Being part of this magical film is the equivalent of a glam Oscar for FashionAvec Passion!

Janina Nectara Armani Grazia Italia

Janina Nectara Armani Grazia Italy Magazine