June 25, 2013

Janina Nectara Gets Personal

Janina Nectara Tabu 2

Janina Nectara, fashion editor for Tabu magazine and the founder of our lovely blog, Fashion avec Passion, has shared in the pages of Tabu magazine, the top-selling Romanian lifestyle magazine, a few of her small pleasures in life:


Jeans: If there’s anything that irritates me visually, it’s jeans. Especially pre-washed denim, which has become a staple of Eastern European fashion. If you were to describe a East-European person, pre-washed blue jeans, maybe even a bit torn, and featuring chains, studs, gemstones and other accessories, would be the main ingredient in a chaotic cocktail of clothing pieces (which, during the cold season, also includes a hip-length leather jacket). Ever since their introduction onto the market around the end of the 19th century, jeans have been the uniform of miners, then of military people, then of factory workers, and then of the youth. That was an era of uniformisation, but I believe that step by step, we’re walking towards an era of individuality. I find that a single pair of cotton trousers featuring a bit of stretch, is acceptable, imitating thus, the style of the original blue jeans, but with a more elegant touch, due to the fabric. They’re popular in youth clothing stores and they come in bright colours.

Sports shoes: I don’t really wear them. Only to the GYM, but that too, happens once every two years.

Watch: The first watch (if we count out toy watches) that I’ve desperately wanted (and I mean desperately), is a Daytona Rolex that I still wear today. Men’s watches fascinate me more than the ones created for women.

T-Shirt: Any shirt/top/T-shirt from Zara is perfect for a casual and stylish outfit.

Daytime bag: This is where I absolutely lose it. Shoes don’t really impress me that much, but bags…Bags are my treasure. This is why I don’t shy away from buying statement bags, according to each season’s trends. I’m like Anna dello Russo: I prefer fashion instead of style. This means that I prefer bags that have an innovative style more that the classic models that everybody already has.

Daytime shoes: Zanotti and Pucci have exquisite sandals and Stella McCartney is known for her chic boots. Dsquared2, Lanvin have wonderful and comfortable shoes, as opposed to Louboutin, who makes shoes that only look good. You only need to wear them for about two hours around the house (and I mean just wear, not walk in), and you’re set to reach for the bandages. I wouldn’t make such a sacrifice for any other than Manolo Blahnik. Currently, I don’t own any of his shoes.

Sunglasses: Oversize and, preferably, ”Made in Italy”. Italians know how to do the best design for sunglasses. Armani has just launched a new collection which is absolutely exquisite, in collaboration with Luxottica. I have two pairs from this range, which I absolutely abuse. I have also found a few styles that work for me at Oscar de la Renta.



Lipstick: For nighttime, Tom Ford is the ideal option in my opinion. It has a great texture that doesn’t dry on your lips, but which also lasts up until morning without the need of re-applying. For daytime, YSL, because it has an intensely moisturising effect. To achieve similar effects for a fraction of the cost, I recommend Bourjois, especially to teenagers – they have the most vibrant colours.

Eyeshadow: The products form the Armani Beauty range are exceptional, even though they are quite hard to find. However, the trick to a perfect makeup is how you apply it. I would personally invest in this first, and then go for eyeshadow. It really makes a difference.

Mascara: I’ve tried many, but none have given me as much volume as Maybelline.

Shampoo: I use medicinal shampoo for a hyper-sensitive scalp.

Moisturiser: Avene

Haircare: Joico

Toothpaste: I don’t have any preferences, but I stay away from ones featuring a whitening formula, as they can damage the teeth.

Soap: When I buy a perfume, I also get the accompanying shower gel. Used together, they have a more intense effect. And if I just want a subtle aroma, the scent of the shower gel is enough.

Nail polish: Tom Ford and Chanel.

Janina Nectara Paris


Paintings/reproductions: I am a fan of the Islamic method of home decoration. Not for religious reasons, but for the simple fact that I don’t like walls adorned with paintings. Thus, I’ve replaced the paintings in my house with a gigantic mural featuring rococo vegetal motifs. It’s really beautiful and contrasts superbly with the minimalist style of the rest of the house. But because I’ve studied art in school a lot, I’ve gotten a taste for paintings. I especially like the works of expressionist painters, as they manage through violent contrasts and heavy paintbrush strokes, to transmit the most powerful emotions. I’d really like to won Munch’s ”The Scream”, but even if it were mine, I’d definitely not keep it in my house. It deserves to be enjoyed by many eyes in a museum.

Coffee maker: Drinking coffee has long become a cultural act. Coffee is a pretext for people to meet and socialise. I like drinking coffee when I’m out with my friends. At home, I don’t drink any coffee.

Flowers: I’ve always liked white flowers, without caring especially for a certain species. I don’t really like apartment flowers. This may also be due to the guilt that I have. I drowned my first plant, a tiny lemon tree, which promised to provide me with lemonade each morning, Then, I tried my luck with a mandarin tree, which I found dead after a three-week vacation during which I forgot to leave a key to somebody that could water it. When I grow old, I may be surrounded by cats, but certainly not by plants.

Writing instruments: I own an exquisite Mont Blanc pen, but if somebody were to ask me how many times I’ve used it, I could probably count the times on the fingers of my right hand, which usually writes with anything that finds in its vicinity.

Composer/Performer: When it comes to music, I am a person of extremes. I cannot stay true to only one musical genre. I find it self-limitating. I’m taking piano lessons and I’ve just recently learned to play ”Raindrop” by Chopin. At the same time, I’m fascinated by ethnic instrumental music. I have lots of music tracks from Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Bali, the Punjabi area and many other places. Everywhere I go, I buy a souvenir in the form of a CD with traditional music. However, when I’m in my car, I listen to rap music. ”Black music” is perfect for long car rides. I especially like that black people have an inimitable vocal style. Inimitable by me, at least.

Favourite place: Clearly Istanbul.

Gadgets for listening to music/watching movies: I don’t have any special gadget. If I don’t have a TV or computer, I settle for my phone.



Personality: I admire any person who is persuasive, who has such persuasion power that he or she can determine others to act otherwise than they had originally planned.

Small pleasures: My life passion is to travel. Due to the nature of my job, I’ve had the luck of always being in some new place, but even in my spare time, I find myself visiting somewhere new. Sometimes, I feel guilty and I keep repeating to myself  ”Janina, save for the future. S-A-V-E!” This is because I spend every last cent on plane tickets and hotels. Maybe when I’m old and ill, the beautiful memories I’ve achieved during my journeys, will replace the medicine that I won’t be able to afford. I don’t know what I’ll do if I get Alzheimers.

Favourite place/city: There’s a place I prefer for every activity. I have a favourite place for living, another one for working, another one for fun. If I let my heart choose (as cheesy as it sounds), I’d move to Istanbul.

Favourite movie: There are many and they are quite varied. I’ve recently seen ”Persepolis” again, as it has impressed me. I usually like dramas, because they stay close to reality. As soon as they hit theatres, Ben Affleck’s films make the top of my MUST SEE list. As a matter of fact, I measure the quality of a movie (except for Science Fiction films and parodies) based on its plausibility and its unexpected ending. If i can foresee the ending, the movie gets a low grade from me. I’m extremely curious about Tom Ford’s ”A Single Man”. I just got it from BookMarc, Marc Jacobs‘ store, which we’ll be seeing soon on Disconnect. Can’t wait!!!

Favourite colour: I’m a person who adores colours, so I’d go for the entire chromatic spectrum. What I know for sure is that if I had to exclude one, it surely wouldn’t be red. Special thanks to Stela Alves &  Style Tao for the lovely photos!


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