August 15, 2013

Janina Nectara And The Chime For Change Initiative, Featured In Cosmopolitan

Chime For Change, the most inspiring charitable campaign supporting the empowerment of girls and women everywhere, has reached the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan Romania chimes for change. Do the same, by making a contribution right now!

Resounding names of the international artistic scene have joined forces to support Chime For Change, an ample charitable project patroned by fashion brand Gucci, which proposes a series of initiatives that include acute global issues that women have to face. 60% of children that DON’T attend school are girls, and 2/3 of illiterate people on a global level are WOMEN! These stats are an alarm signal for the three most influential women in the world, which have joined forces, aiming to put an end to the greatest problems with which a significant number of women have to deal with on a daily basis! Megastars such as Madonna, Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively, as well as the founder of Chime For Change, Frida Giannini, Beyoncé Knowles and Salma Hayek, are promoting Chime For Change, an initiative thought out as a global platform that brings to attention critical issues, all the while promoting the simplest solutions to end them by using the cumulated power of people all over the world.

”Education, health and justice for every girl, every woman, everywhere” – the campaign’s powerful message has reached Romania as well, where the local ambassador is Janina Nectara, founder of, a blog that has been chosen by famous fashion houses to broadcast live their fashion shows! Janina has been nominated by Forbes among its 30 Under 30 Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Romania. Recently, London has played host to The Sound Of Change Live, a colossal charitable concert, as a pinnacle of the enthusiasm that Chime For Change has so far generated. It had Beyoncé as artistic director, while the scene was filled by Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, John Legend, Laura Pausini, Timbaland, Rita Ora, Florence + the Machine, Prince Harry, Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto, Iggy Azalea, Salma Hayek, Ziggy Marley, who presented the women and their stories, which embody the change proposed by the campaign. Janina Nectara invites you to follow in her footsteps and support the Chime For Change by Gucci charitable cause, by making small, yet life-changing donations! The concept is called crowdfunding, and consists of raising critical funds by putting together small donations made by lots of people. Access Facebook/ChimeforChance and make a difference!

Janina Nectara Cosmopolitan Gucci Chime for Change


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