August 26, 2013

It’s time to stock up for winter. It’s Jimmy Choo time!

Jimmy Choo Tia pump

The first day of the last week in August came, as a less than optimistic prelude to the following season, as the first sunless day in I can’t remember how many months. And for me, it was enough for the first hints of autumn blues to seep in.

But just as I am infamous for being weather sensitive, I am also famous for being fashion hyper sensitive. And if, obviously, I can’t change the weather, I can always choose from the – conservatively speaking – dozens of designers with instant high spirits inducing powers. Today I chose from among the very best.

Jimmy Choo greeted me with the new spectacular Tia pumps, ready to smoothly carry me, from their not negligible golden heel height, from garden parties towards seasons of fantastic parties regardless of the outside temperature or the invariably Choo skies.

And he then passed me on to none other than Nicole Kidman, to show me, with the credibility of an amazingly beautiful woman, the fell pieces de resistance, powerful enough to reinforce my confidence in a brand new half a year shining not as much with sun rays but with over knee glove-like boots and graceful silk clutches.

I already feel so much better. And, in the meantime, the sun is also out. And now I wonder… what if Jimmy Choo really could also control the weather­?

Jimmy Choo fall winter 2013 2014 Nicole Kidman campaign


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Photo source: Jimmy Choo