September 5, 2013

It’s hard to control yourself, when Agent Provocateur is stoking the fire!

Agent Provocateur fall winter 2013 2014 #campaign

Have you seen the new Agent Provocateur campaign? It’s so… cinematic and provocative that I did the exact opposite of what its message says we should… Control Yourself! A double entendre all the way.

I took a pair of sexy sunglasses that, even if don’t get it all in three dimensions, were fabulous for having me feel right in the middle of the action and incapable of letting go of the hypnotic atmosphere between the addictive soundtrack and sinful lingerie!

Well, how do you feel? Trapped, isn’t it? I think I’d better try to get at least my enthusiasm under control. Maybe an Electra waspie could help. Curious?

Agent Provocateur Butterfly Luisa Via Roma

Agent Provocateur Butterfly sunglasses, EUR 312, at Luisa Via Roma


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Photo sources: Agent Provocateur, Luisa Via Roma