November 27, 2013

Is it time to seriously soul search for our feelings about high fashion from… Apple?

iphone fashion

Apple has been in fashion for far too long to remember life without iphones or for still being able to question its status. Furthermore, all Apple has been wanted as model for cases and accessories and been tapped into by Alexander McQueen all the way to Dolce & Gabbana, while the iphone has consolidated, fashion week after fashion week its role of liaison of choice between bloggers or celebrities and their social media faithful followers.

But, says a marketing expert at NYU’s business school and Ted speaker, so far the tech leader has been no more than a giant squeezed into an industry, and he isn’t overstating, to small for its true potential. Scott Galloway argues for Forbes that the claiming of Angela Ahrendts from Burberry preceded by Paul Deneve’s, former Saint Laurent CEO, co-opting for their respective retail and ’’special projects’’ assignments is just part of codified preparatives for, hold on, Apple’s branching out into high end fashion and reaching of its ultimate frontier, becoming a ’’formidable prestige brand’’.

Formidable, indeed! Amazon set to conquer the realm of fashion, now Apple… Will we be seeing Jessica Alba at NYFW snapping iphone photos of the Apple show? Maybe it’s too early for that. But what really isn’t that hard to imagine is a Louboutin ipad case with an, obviously, flaming red inside! Red like the trademark sole of the French shoes and red like the bright future of Apple!

iphone fashion Jessica Alba NYFW

Christian Louboutin ipad case Luisa Via RomaChristian Louboutin ipad case Luisa Via Roma

Christian Louboutin Cris spikes mixed leather ipad case, EUR 565 at Luisa Via Roma

Givenchy ipad case Luisa Via Roma

Givenchy shark & flower printed large ipad case, EUR 210 at Luisa Via Roma

Valentino iphone case Luisa Via Roma

Valentino around studs leather iphone 5 case, EUR 191 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos:,, Luisa Via Roma