October 5, 2012

Is Chanel bringing classic French manicure back in trends?

Chanel nails, as seen on catwalks, often set trends for the next season. That’s why we always watch model’s hands on runway, every time there’s a show.

A few months ago, the brand featured a reverse French manicure in pink and silver, for their couture show. But for the spring/summer 2013, Chanel’s makeup artist, Peter Philips, made a 180 degrees switch to the traditional French manicure. Yes, I’m talking about standard French, with white tips.



And although it is considered one of the most elegant styles for the nails, French manicure has been out of fashion for the last few years. That’s why I cannot help thinking if this is the beginning of a new French manicure era. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Photos: purseblog.com