January 31, 2013

Ioma Youth Booster – The Miracle-Serum Featuring NASA Technology


It’s not the first (and definitely won’t be the last) time when I mention that my secret wish is that before I start showing any signs of old age (which means…say…like within the next ten years), scientists will have already come up with a completely non-invasive antiaging solution, so that no scalpel or Botox-filled syringe will ever have to come near my face.

Yes, I know scientists are busy trying to find a cure for cancer or diabetes, but to my immense delight, apparently science has begun to merge with the beauty industry in ways that I couldn’t even have hoped for.


Ioma’s newly launched Youth Booster serum borrows the technology used by the Curiosity robot, the device that was sent last year to Mars to explore it, as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory experiment. In the same way that Curiosity measures gas levels existent in the planet’s atmosphere, Ioma’s serum offers you the possibility of measuring your level of skin hydration on a daily basis, thanks to a tiny sensor placed inside the lid.

All you need to do is position the MEMS sensor onto your cheek and press lightly. A series of LED light will pop up and according to how many light up, you’ll know how hydrated your skin is (up to three LEDs means that you’re at a normal level, needing a single serum application per day, while more LEDs translate into poor hydration, needing twice the amount of serum applied).

Along with the breakthrough technology, the serum also features a series of other benefits worth mentioning, such as a very high concentration of active molecules, meant to thoroughly moisturise, regenerate, detoxify, protect and ultimately make your skin look its best.

The Ioma Youth Booster is available at Harrods, for the price of £149.

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Photos courtesy of: harrodsmagazine.com, jezebel.com