August 21, 2012

Insomnia can also be inherited

Insomnia might have genetic roots, according to the latest neuroscience studies. “Doctors used to dismiss insomnia because they couldn’t help people, but now neuroscience, which has given us the ability to detect and measure brain activity, is producing answers which show genetic traits, ” explains Professor van Someren, head of sleep research at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.

Apparently, doctors already found there could be six or more different types of insomnia linked to genes, and they have their origins in our early human ancestry, when at least a member of a tribe was relied on to stay awake to guard the sleeping community from attack.

Another interesting discovery on this subject is that some insomniacs seem to have a diminished capacity to judge comfort. Most of them find it hard to say whether they like it or not when you put materials with different temperatures on their skin. This is also a problem, as the ‘comfort’ genes are needed for easy sleep.

At this time, studies are still developing. The discoveries are expected to lead to effective treatments to insomnia.