September 25, 2012

Ingrid Chua Go, the lovely bag hag lady

Ingrid, cover of the Lifestyle Asia

It doesn’t need to be February and good old Cupid get all of us down under his arrow, to make me decide to talk about the people I love. It’s enough to be Fashion Week to introduce you to my lovely friend, Ingrid Chua Go –  the reputed fashion blogger of The Bag Hag Diaries.

If you aren’t already a big fan (although I doubt), I invite you to check It won me over in no time and I promise to have the same effect on you.


Ingrid, dressed by Roberto Cavalli for  Milano Fashion Week

Ingrid Chua Go is a Philippine blogger who quitted her glamorous job at Star TV (the television affiliated with the famous Hong Kong Sky News) to be close to her family. As she is a passionate bag collector, she sacrificed her family’s sofa by spending the money on a brand new bag. So, she moved into a new house where, for a while, she did not have anything to sit on in her living room, but she definitely had a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy model she was proud to wear around her arm.

Ingrid took timely actions. She put her old bag models on sale and ladies of the Philippine beau monde, became her clients. Her husband’s joy was short-lived, though. What do you think Ingrid did with the money? Bought other bags, what else? Later on, she set up a bag store where she was also selling jewelry. Now Ingrid developed a chain store, Accessory Lab, selling silver and semiprecious gem jewelry.

But Ingrid Chua has never given up bags. As she was so knowledgeable in this line of business, she decided to share her knowledge with the public on her blog. The blog has as many readers as all the Romanian blogs put together and I hope my estimation did not lower its market share. Additionally, Ingrid is a writer at the Philippines Inquirer, the most widespread national newspaper.

With Ingrid at the Italian Embassy in Paris for Tod’s collection launch

Ingrid is a real phenomenon in Asia. She and her friend, Bryan Boy, are among the promoters of the Asian bloggers. Her posts include also bag reviews, but also pictures of her trips and personal experiences. And Ingrid is what is called a “globetrotter”. One subscribed to several airline companies.

Last season, I accompanied her and Tina Craig at the Italian Embassy in Paris for the party launch, celebrating the latest Tod’s collection.

It was a premiere for me to see live the courting deployed by a Fashion House around a blogger with lots of clicks. The PR people gathered right around her in no time. If one was showing her each and every bag, describing the edge of the outer bar to the less visible seams of the interior lining, another was was offering her a tempting Champaign glass and fondants while a third was reminding her of the following year Tod’s event calendar.

Ingrid and Anna dello Russo after the Dolce&Gabbana show

Ingrid, in Vogue Italy, dressed by Dolce&Gabbana

Ingrid has become so influential that she hardly ever buys any bags now since she is gifted with them straight by the designers.

The Bag Hag Lady was invited by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to create the styling of their Milanese DG store window on Via della Spiga.

Just like a superstar, before the Dolce&Gabbana show began,  the designers Domenico and Stefano prepared an outfit for her to wear from head to toe for their presentation. Ingrid counts among the world’s ten bloggers who can praise to have been offered such a treat. Now she is one of the “Dolce&Gabbana girls” gang together with the fashion guru, Anna dello Russo.

With Ingrid and Xinzhan Shi on our way to the Viktor&Rolf show

Her elegance is fresh just fit to match her youth. Although her style is not like the Asian avant-garde designer style, she is a good advocate of comfortable clothes, with clear, but chic cuts. What is less comfortable about her are her shoes. Ingrid is a Prada and Miu Miu fan, possessing at least one pair of each of their collections. We nearly missed a couple of shows, Viktor&Rolf being one of them, because her small geisha steps on mind-blowing heels were not up to the long distances between the show locations. Beside the shoes, Ingrid can’t even keep track of the bags in her wardrobe. And I hardly think there is one brand missing from her arsenal. After all, she is the “The Bag Hag”.