November 20, 2012

Ingrid, Bryan & Janina après the magical LOUIS VUITTON show


I acted cautiously for the Louis Vuitton fashion show. The alarm sounded three hours before its time and, wide aware that I had plenty of time on my hands, I cannot tell how I ended up panic-stricken in the last quarter-hour unable to find a taxi.

Everything was lost.  Marc Jacobs is punctual to the second and waits for nobody.

Still, I took my heels and my courage in both hands and dangerously jumped in front of a taxi which, for want of a better choice, agreed to take me in. And so I reached the place. Surprisingly, just when the gong announced the beginning.

Four escalators were used to carry the fashion of the most wanted show of the day. The models descended two by two in perfect synchronization. The math of a chessboard was mirrored both in the omnipresent print on the clothes and in the rectangular silhouette proposed by the American designer. In perfect synchrony with the same geometry in Marc Jacobs’ own brand collection showed  in New York.

At the end, the designer speeded down the stairs like an Olympic player making the final move in a round he had already won.

Checkmate for Marc!

PS: APRÈS the magical show LOUIS VUITTON, I gave myself a little reward for making it in time to the defilè: delicious refreshments and lovely memories with my dearest friends Ingrid and Bryan!