July 17, 2012

In-home masks for dry hair

Dry hair is not unusual in the summer, especially because of the heat and sun, but also if you’re not using appropriate shampoos and conditioners. But instead of going for expensive masks, you might find the right solution in the kitchen.


Eggs and oil mask

As strange as it may seem, mayonnaise is good for your hair, because it contains eggs and oil. Apply this mixture on your hair; leave it for 20 minutes and after that shampoo as you normally do. It will moisture and pamper dry hair.


Honey-banana mask

Did you know bananas are rich in proteins, good for your hair? Mix between two and four bananas (depending on the length of hair) with three tablespoons of honey and apply this on the damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes; you will be amazed with the results.


Avocado mask

Avocado is full of good oils and stimulates hair growth. 
Combine one medium-size avocado with some egg yolk and olive oil and let it stand on your hair for 15 minute, than wash it away. You will see the difference in minutes.

Photos:  bangstyle.com, iweddingsolutions.com, picostudio-ny.blogspot.com