March 29, 2013

Illuminated Fashion: Shine And Sparkle In Laser Suits, LED Eyelashes And Incandescent Pearls

Did you think that Katy Perry’s LED dress designed by Cute Circuit, in which the singer stirred attention at the 2010 MET Costume Institute Gala, was the peak of fashion meeting technology? Think again! The innovative look that featured strings of tiny LED lights that made Katy shine and sparkle, only paved the way for an even deeper love story between fashion and technology.

Do you want an outfit that will set you apart from the rest, even in the darkest corner of the night club? Desinger Wei-Chieh Shih has come up with a laser suit, that flashes light beams across the room and reaches its full potential in a dark and ideally smoky environment.


If however you’re looking for a more feminine attire, how about a deliciously airy dress featuring strings of tiny lights that will send sparkles across the room, making you feel like a fairy? Mary Huang’s Rhyme & Reason collection for her own tech fashion label, includes feminine knits infused with delicate shimmers.



Is an outfit decked in glimmering lights too much for you? Then go for a statement accessory, such as Mae Yokoyama’s design, a necklace featuring miniature solar panels that absorb natural light in order to create enough energy to light up a string of LED lights placed at the base of the necklace, making them glow just like a strand of incandescent pearls.


Forget the makeup trick that advises you to place a drop of iridiscent eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes, for extra brightness. If you feel daring enough, try instead a couple of eyelash extensions featuring LED lights. Created by Soomi Park, the unusual beauty accessory is already making a splash in Asia, offering the illusion of huge, doll-like eyes.

 led eyelashes2

So, what do you say…Are you tempted to put yourself in the (spot)light?

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