May 14, 2014

If they say ‘’Sex sells!’’…

If you thought ‘’any publicity is good publicity’’, provocative images, revolutionary campaigns and activism mixing with the commercial and ideology associated to products are a distinctive trademark of our time, you have to push back your appreciation with at least… 50 years! And, at the same time, tone down your reaction to – let’s call it – innovative advertising, with lots of sense of humour!

As long before Calvin Klein’s controversial pictorials, before United Colors of Benetton called for tolerance and peace making priests kiss nuns, demonstrating that AIDS is irrelevant in front of humanity and race faced with love, before Diesel showcased with hilarious irony a few of our less healthy habits and that Vivienne Westwood fashion-militate for the environment, there was… the naked girl in the basin at Mayfair London’s Godfrey Bonsacks.

Here’s how the London luxury store thought celebrating its opening: with promotional sales and a spokesperson that gets the message through without even having to speak 😉

Of course, had Godfrey Bonsacks looked for a stylist’s expert advice, they might have received a better recommendation

Versace Luisa Via Roma

Versace monokini, EUR 448 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: Diesel, United Colors of Benetton